First a word about choosing your celebrant

At the culmination of months of tireless planning for your special day, imagine feeling uninspired, doubtful and ambivalent about the person who is to preside over the most important day of your life.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of empowering yourselves in the selection of the celebrant. Be sure that you are comfortable with her personality and demeanor. Bear in mind that she is serving you. Therefore, please seriously consider questioning-interviewing her first, and finally listen to your heart.

Only your special vows can ring true
When those words are about and for you
A ritual by rote
Rings an insincere note
So pre-formatted vows just won't do

Your Unique Story

The very core of your ceremony is the narrative of your unique union. I experience such joy as I uncover your story and begin the adventure of creating a ceremony that is a reflection in words of who you are as a couple and who you aspire to become as you grow together.

As an experienced celebrant, who specializes in personalized ceremony construction, I am committed to creating a beautiful, unique ceremony that will be etched forever in your memory.

First the phone conversation

Most of us can glean volumes about a person by the way they conduct themselves over the phone, particularly if that person is asked a few unpredictable questions. This initial phone conversation offers the perfect opportunity to get to know the celebrant, for the following reasons:

  • Hearing the celebrant's voice and listening to her spontaneous answers to your questions affords a sense of who she is and whether her personality is simpatico with yours.
  • You can save both the celebrant and yourselves time by conducting a phone interview before the in-person consultation.
  • As a preliminary, the phone/conversation interview will allow you later, to focus your consultation time on the reason you are there—the construction of your ceremony.

So we finally meet: The consultation

It's so much fun finally putting the faces to the names. This is where the ceremony construction begins. I'll be weaving together information drawn from your answers to the questionnaire that I send. I want you to tell me how you met, about your partner's special qualities, your families, your histories, your beliefs, you're aspirations: I want to know your unique story. I'll listen carefully to you both as we speak. Your answers and spoken words create the ceremony theme. These are your own special words, thoughts, and expressions from, and of your hearts.