About Maureen Burwell O. Pollinger

I am an Ecumenical, Non-Denominational, and Interfaith minister and wedding celebrant/writer. My specialty––­­­­­­­­and my passion––lie in creating/writing unique custom ceremonies for my many and diverse clientele. I am committed to honoring each couple by helping them express their unique union in words and ritual, during the most important event in their lives: Their marriage ceremony.

Originally from North England, I live in Nyack, New York with my husband, Dr Kenneth Pollinger.

For the last twenty-two years I have crafted/created and officiated wedding ceremonies throughout the New York Tri-State area and as far afield as Bermuda.

Over the years I have served in many areas of ministering however, my overriding choice is to concentrate primarily on my wedding ministry. I feel true passion for this work and in twenty-two years nothing has changed in that regard. I consider it an honor to serve each and every couple I work with, which is hardly work at all, but rather, it is a creative adventure we embark upon together.

My book: ‘YEs!-I Will!-I Do! Your step-by-step guide to creating a wedding ceremony as unique as you are.’ is completed. I am now looking forward to another fun writing project, composed in a slightly enhanced version of the typical limerick rhythm.

My husband, Kenneth, a former Jesuit, has just completed the construction of a retreat-home-getaway’ in Costa Rica, for us to enjoy and share with our family.

A little more about me: fundamentals & essentials

I feel truly fortunate to be a New York registered clergy person. First of all, a New York clergy registration is reciprocal in almost every state of the union, thus simplifying the process of officiating ceremonies in neighboring states for both the celebrant and the couple. As most people are aware, New York is rich in ethnic diversity; living and officiating in such a great and diversely unique location offers celebrants precious opportunities. I am convinced that this is where each of us-as wedding celebrants- can build the greatest inventory of vital knowledge and information for ceremony creation that we can then offer back to each couple whose ceremony we officiate.

A consultation with each couple-whether in person or via phone and email - is necessary to the process of ceremony construction. I spend at least two hours or more at an initial consultation creating and constructing the ceremony outline.

I always inform clients of my arrival time at their ceremony, which is generally at least one and one half hours before the ceremony time; this I do for any or all of the following reasons: To alleviate any unnecessary worry and concern on the part of the couple, to familiarize myself with a location that is new to me, to meet and speak to family members, to set up the altar and make sure all is in prefect order, to do a rehearsal of ceremony components, to do a run-though with readers and other ceremony participants.

After the completion of the consultation, couples may wish to stay in touch with their celebrant by phone and/or by email. After all, couples may have additional questions and concerns that come to light as the wedding day approaches. It’s important - and necessary - to feel that your celebrant is always available for you in the days, weeks and months leading to the wedding day.

On a practical note: I am an experienced and seasoned driver. I generally travel to each ceremony by car. In the event of a last minute emergency or illness, I am fortunate to have a wonderful husband who is almost always available to fill in for me as celebrant. (Fortunately, I have never found myself in this position).

I am always pleased to spend the necessary time with participating family members to help guide them through their role in the ceremony, and in addition, I am available to coordinate the processional and recessional order, the rehearsal and other related tasks, if and when required. Most importantly, I am here to help you in way I can. I am deeply invested in creating a wedding ceremony and experience for you that is beyond your dreams, and that exceeds your expectations.